Kroger’s Simple Truth line continues to succeed

Kroger has revamped its in-house line of food giving customers a fresh, easy to understand and affordable approach to healthy eating.


Since its launch in late 2012, Kroger’s Simple Truth line has offered consumers wide-ranging food products with wholesome ingredients at a competitive price. In less than a year of its introduction Simple Truth has far exceeded expectations proving to be a successful by-product of public relations, marketing and strategists.

The team and the strategy

Edelman is recognized as one of the top public relation agencies in the country. Kroger teamed up with Edelman to create and promote the Simple Truth line. Through a digital press release Edelman portrays its client, Simple Truth, as a transparent line of food that is both “easy and affordable” to consumers.

Edelman public relations firm

Edelman public relations firm

According the to the press release, the origins of Simple Truth came from customers who complained that eating healthy and organic was too confusing and costly. The press release specifics seeks to hit on the trend of people wanting to eat healthy and organic food. By including specifics concerning package design and its “free from 101” ingredients, Edelman wants to show the media that its client is keeping up to date with the latest health, food and deisgn trends.

Media spread

In addition to the press release, the Simple Truth campaign makes itself accessible to buyers and media through an easy to navigate website and a heavy presence in social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest. The heavy use of the web and multimedia is a strategic use for their targeted audience.

Inside the website the Simple Truth features articles from The Columbus Dispatch, USA TODAY and the Wall Street Journal. The articles feature positive reviews and straight fact giving for the product and the campaign for healthy affordable eating.

All three pieces cite talking points from the press release, particularly from the lede, as well as cite the direct quote. This use of “copying and pasting” from the press release is coupled with the using the Simple Truth line as a springboard to talk about the bigger issues concerning consumer trends and popular culture.

It is important to note that because these news sources, both local and national, choose to view the Simple Truth line in a positive manner, they are conveniently featured on the Simple Truth website.

Outside the themed Kelly green website walls of Simple Truth, the consumers and journalists are having a surprisingly positive experience with the Simple Truth brand. Talk on the web has been through business journals and articles as well as bloggers. Most press had been impressed in the integrity of the campaign and the commitment to low prices.

In fact, one Cincinnati business article cites Simple Truth’s CEO Rodney McMullen calling the brand a “home run” with initial sales up 33 percent higher than internally expected.

Overall, Kroger, Simple Truth and the public relations team at Edelman should be pleased with the press and response to the brand. So far there has not been a major outcry or slump in sales or hype for Simple Truth, which certainly looks good for Edelman.


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